5 Tips To Make Your Facebook Page Awesome

Is your Facebook page awesome? Are you getting the quality interactions, and new fans you want? No? There’s room for improvement you say? Here are 5 tips to make your Facebook page awesome.

5 Tips to Make Your Facebook Page Awesome

1. Post Useful Content

People love seeing useful things on their feeds. Tips, tricks, hints, recipes, how to’s anything that makes their lives better or answers a question or concern they may have had.  This also involves asking questions, not just questions for the sake of asking a question, but ones that drive a true conversation.

2. Respond!

There’s nothing more frustrating for a fan than when the Page doesn’t respond to them. If you have a large number of fans you may not be able to respond to every comment/question but do try your best. Make sure your responses are timely, this is especially important for matters of customer service. Don’t leave your customer hanging for days wondering how to fix the glitch they encountered in your app! That customer probably wont’ be very happy by the time you do get around to it. You wouldn’t do that to a customer in your brick and mortar store would you?

3. Post When Your Audience is Active

There are many tools you can use to monitor when your fans are most active. Maybe you have lots of UK based fans, or West Coast USA fans. Maybe fans come in spurts, the East Coasters then West Coasters then Asia. Use a service like Buffer or Facebook’s own timed posts to give your audience the information they want whey they are active. This also prevents your content from being buried under everything else.  Just be careful, no one likes a spammer!

4. Images FTW

Images drive engagement. Everyone loves eye catching images. Choose your images wisely and include them in all your posts.  Don’t forget the photo gallery feature, share behind the scenes photos, your new product or service, or maybe just the awesome view from the office. Photos aren’t just for Instagram and Pinterest!

5. Enhance Your Page

Remember #4, Images? Don’t forget to add them to the rest of your page as well. This means making sure you have selected a great Timeline cover, User Photo, and app tabs.   Your app tabs can feature products, services or promotions that you’d like to draw your fans attention to. Make your page stand out from the rest and truly reflect your brand by choosing appropriate images.   Don’t forget to take advantage of other options like Pinning an important or noteworthy post to the top of your stream, or highlighting your best posts.

Your Facebook Page can be awesome, but it will take some hard work and time.  Or you could let LOLSMG do the hard work for you.  Let our 5 tips get you on the path to having a great Facebook page. Do you have a tip to share? Let us know in the comments!


Follow NY Fashion Week Online!

Fashionistas rejoice! New York Fashion week is nearly upon us once more!  It’s the time of year where all of your favorite designers will show off their new Fall/Winter 2013 collections! Unfortunately not everyone can get to see the shows live in real life. Thankfully the internet can help! So check out all of the resources you can use to get your fashion fix.


Live Streaming

Unfortunately, this year Fashion Week will not be live streamed on Twitter. Boo!  Fortunately some of the shows will be live streamed at mbfashionweek.com.  You can check our their schedual here.

Livestream.com will also be hosting several livestream shows from some of your favorite designers like Louise Goldin, Jeremy Scott, and DKNY.  Check out all the livestream.com fashion week offerings here.

Fashion Publications

Your favorite fashion publications will also be keeping up to date on the latest from Fashion Week. Style.com, The Cut, and Women’s Wear Daily just to name a few will be reporting the latest syle developments, photos, blog coverage and more.

Social Media

Don’t forget social media!  Fashion Week will be all over Twitter, Tumblr, and of course Instagram and Pinterest.


Follow the hashtags #nyfw and #mbfw to stay up to date with the latest Fashion Week news and updates.  Mashable has also created a list of notable Twitter accounts to follow for updates.


There are many great fashion tumblrs out there, but these are some of the hottest ones to follow for Fashion Week.  The nyfw tumblr tag, Eva Chen, and Teen Vogue.


You can bet there will be tons of Instagram photos snapped at fashion week, so stay tuned to the #nyfw tag and check out these favorites that are sure to please the NY Times Style Magazine, Eva Chen, and Wall Street Style Reporter Elizabeth Holmes.


Pinterest will surely get it’s share of pins about NYFW.  Check out the awesome boards of The Wall Street Journal, and Oscar de La Renta!

New York Fashion Week Official Accounts

Looking for the official NYFW accounts? We’ve got them all.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Official Site







Did we miss any great NYFW resources? Let us know! Are you excited to see the newest styles hit the runway? Tell us about it in the comments!

5 Tips to Engage Your Fans

The team here at LOLSMG is committed to helping our clients strengthen and expand their fan base. So here are our top 5 favorite tips to engage your fans:

1. Exclusive Content

Fans love getting a sneak peek behind the scenes, whether it’s at a gig, on the set or just chilling with your friends and family. They want to see see the real you, and be the first to get all the latest info.

2. Multimedia FTW!

Not everyone loves a wall of text, most don’t actually. What does everyone like? Photos, images, graphics, and videos. With services like Vine and Instagram, it’s easier than ever to give your fans quick videos, and photos that they can’t help but share with all their friends.

3. Interact!

You love your fans right? And they love you! It can be overwhelming to reply to or reach out to everyone (though LOLSMG can totally help with that) but a simple RT from you could mean the world to them. Feeling stuck on that new song? Uninspired? Need an idea? Look to your fans! They are full of inspiration and would love to help you out!

4. Update Regularly

Fans love updates!  Yes, you are busy and there’s the super secret project you are working on but you really can’t tell anyone about it. Your fans still want to know what you are up to! Don’t leave them hanging! Even if it’s brief, regular updates will keep them engaging with you and excite them about your current and future projects!

5. Be Yourself :D

Yeah, it’s kinda cliche, but it’s the truth! Your fans love you for you! So don’t be someone you aren’t. Being the awesome you is what it’s all about, no matter if it’s on Twitter, Facebook or your website, it’s all about you and who you are. So keep it real!

Have any more tips to engage your fans? What has been successful (or unsuccessful) for you? Let us know in the comments!

[Infographic] What Social Network is Right for your Business?


When it comes to social media more isn’t always better. A concentrated focus on a single social network can yield a better ROI than spreading resources across many networks. This is especially true for small businesses who may not have the same resources as larger businesses.  What social network should your business be on? This infographic from Purolator attempts to answer that.


Do you focus on a few social media networks? Or multiple ones? Tell us about your social networking experience in the comments!

Facebook Introduces Ask the CPO


Facebook and privacy the ongoing battle continues. Facebook has recently launched a new feature in their continuing quest to allow users a better understanding of their privacy on Facebook. The new feature lets users ask Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer, Erin Egan, about their privacy concerns.

The official blog post on Facebook states:

To help continue this conversation, we created this Ask Our CPO feature, which will enable you to send us your questions, concerns, and feedback about privacy — and give us the opportunity to share with you how we think about privacy. We hope this feature will serve as a regular forum where we can have a direct conversation about privacy.


This new feature will not cover account specific questions, those are directed to Facebook’s support.  It will cover broader questions and issues if the blog post is to be any indication of the content it will cover things like “Does Facebook sell user information?” (No by the way, it does not).

Anyone can ask a question, if you would like to do so, the application is here.

What do you think of Facebook’s new Ask the CPO? Do you think it will help users with their privacy concerns? Let us know in the comments!

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 10.42.31 AM.png

Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day!

Today is the 3rd annual Community Manager Appreciation Day!  Take a moment to thank the hard working community managers who reach out to fans, followers, clients, and users everyday!  If you’d like to get in on today’s action follow and use the hashtags #CMAD and #CMGR on Twitter today (or Instagram, Google+ and all the other hashtag friendly services!).

In honor of CMAD the LOLSMG team has created some graphics to show your CMs just how much you appreciate them!


5 Tips for Pinterest

Pinterest can be a great resource to expand your brand’s reach. Check out our 5 tips to get the most out of Pinterest!

1. Use alt tags on your images.  Not only are alt tags great for seo, and accessibility in general, but did you know that when a user pins to Pinterest it uses the alt tags as the default description? Use this to your advantage and ensure you have the keywords you want in your image.

2. Use long trail keywords. Customize your search appearance in Pinterest to those looking specifically for what you have to offer. A user searing for “wedding dress” will get tons of results that may not be what they are looking for, “empire waist sweet heart neckline bridal gown” will give better results to the potential customers looking for your pin.

3. Use Pin it Buttons! This is the most important tip, if you do nothing else be sure to have “Pin it” buttons on your site. Pinterest provides them directly, and many free plugins for WordPress will add them automatically to your site.  Make it as easy as possible for people to share your content.

4. Use hashtags. Like Twitter, Pinterest supports hashtags. As you know hashtags are great for expanding your reach and letting people find related content.  You can also use them as part of promotions or contests to organize entries.

5. Track your stats! As with any social media campaign it’s important to track what you are doing. Are your pins successful? If not what could you change to fix that? But not analyzing the data leaves you working blind and missing an opportunity to expand your reach, engagement, and success.

Do you use Pinterest for your brand? What tips would you add? Let us know in the comments!

Share Videos to Twitter with Vine – Now Live!

You may have noticed Twitter CEO Dick Costolo’s recent tweet, a short video of him making steak tartar.